Thorpe Park campaign 2013

Katie Sutton's Asylum No banner

Links to updates on the 2013 campaign to challenge Thorpe Park’s Asylum, which resulted in the “scary mental patient” live action horror maze being closed.



  • The final confirmation that there will be no more Asylum “scary mental patient” live action horror maze at Thorpe Park this year: “Studio 13 invites visitors to take a tour of a live movie studio where you’ll get to see behind the scenes of some of the latest productions, however all is not as it seems as you realise you’re the star of a chilling and terrifying new snuff film … Studio 13 replaces The Asylum which retired last season and joins returning mazes The Cabin In The Woods, My Bloody Valentine, SAW: Alive and The Blair Witch Project as the park continues its horror movie takeover of Fright Nights for a 2nd year.” (01 September) Good riddance.
  • Fright Nights – a watching brief (August 2014)



(October 2013) Now it looks as if the #AsylumNO campaign will be here for a little while longer while Thorpe Park and other tourist attractions catch up with the modern world, I’ve decided to give it its own page. Here I’ll add updates, to keep them all together in one place.




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  1. Selling stigma: Ridiculing and demonising people with mental health problems for fun and profit | Sectioned - 26 August 2014

    […] Thorpe Park – Fright Nights – Asylum […]

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