Selling stigma

Stigma spoiled identity Goffman

Products ranging from chopping boards and mugs to teeshirts and fancy dress costumes and even theme park rides that rely on demonising and ridiculing people with mental health problems are being sold for fun and profit. This section of the website covers the #SellingStigma hashtag, including:

  • Successes – Examples of where companies have – either through choice or force or inaction – withdrawn #SellingStigma products. Challenging stigma can and does make a difference and bring about change. Keep at it!
  • Hall of Shame – Companies profiting from ridiculing and demonising people with mental health problems. Please feel free to send me any examples so they can be highlighted and challenged – and hopefully encourage companies to stop it.
  • Thorpe Park campaign 2013/14 – This is what happens when a company drags it out to the bitter end. But campaigners didn’t give up, and now the Asylum “scary mental patient” live action horror maze is gone for good. Good riddance.




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