Chats and forums

View of the Forum Romanum by Willem van Nieulandt (II)

View of the Forum Romanum by Willem van Nieulandt (II)

If you want to engage with people online, why not try a chat room or forum? As mental health charity SANE says, “The primary function of this mental health forum is to provide a space where mutual support is given and received by anyone affected by mental illness”. As PD Chat says, “In a forum, people post infrequently and take time to write long replies. In a chat, people post shorter messages, but they are replied to instantly“.

Chatrooms and forums may deal with mental health in general, or may focus on particular problems or diagnoses. Some are open and unmoderated, whilst others may have rules and guidelines, be moderated and/or require you to join in order to participate with the aim of creating a safer environment for engagement.

This is a very new page where I’ll upload details of chats and forums I’ve stumbled across. Please feel free to send details of others!

First I’ve set out information on tweetchats, and then websites with chats and forums.


Tweet chats

More tweet chat updates to follow


Websites with chat rooms and forums



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