Social security / welfare benefits

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  • Beyond the Barriers

Beyond the Barriers – A Spartacus Network report into Employment Support Allowance, the Work Programme and recommendations for a new system of support

(April 2014)

“Employment and Support Allowance is the current benefit for people who are too sick or disabled to work. It is widely criticised as the assessment criteria are harsh, narrow and inappropriate, and the implementation of these are too often also harsh and inaccurate.On April 9th 2014, Spartacus released their latest report, Beyond the Barriers, on ESA and the Work Progamme.”


  • Spartacus Report

Responsible Reform (Spartacus Report) – A Report on the proposed changes to Disability Living Allowance

(January 2012) By the Spartacus Network (Overview)

“This report, written by disabled people themselves, and based on an analysis of some 500 responses to the UK government’s consultation on its planned Disability Living Allowance (DLA) changes and cuts, illustrates that the coalition’s proposed ‘reforms’ lack both support and credibility. ‘Responsible Reform’ shows that the government’s DLA consultation breached the government’s own code of practice and was “highly misleading”.



Links to key websites:

A Spartacus network report into an alternative Employment Support Allowance. – “Work for those who can. Security for those who can’t. Support for all.”


“The Spartacus network is a group of disabled and chronically ill people across the country who come together from time to time to research issues relating to disability and social security. The group started from a report, now known as the Spartacus Report, which was researched and written in response to the Coalition government’s consultation on the reform of Disability Living Allowance. Since then the Spartacus Network has also worked on areas relating to ESA, social care, the “Bedroom Tax” (under-occupancy penalty) and others.”


A site to share information on Welfare cuts, illness, disability and general, current, political thought by Sue Marsh.




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