Key reports and other documents

Here I’ll place important reports, policies and other important related to mental health as I come across them. Link suggestions are welcomed. They are organised in the following 5 categories:


  • NHS and Department of Health and other Government documents, including:
    • Mental Health Concordat (February 2014)
    • A call to action: Achieving parity of esteem; transformative ideas for commissioners (February 2014)
    • Closing the gap: priorities for essential change in mental health (January 2014)
    • NHS mandate
    • Making mental health services more effective & accessible (March 2013)
    • No health without mental health (November 2011)
  • Reports and documents by mental health charities and others, including:
    • Investing in recovery – Making the business case for effective interventions for people with schizophrenia and psychosis (April 2014)
    • At risk, yet dismissed – the criminal victimisation of peole with mental health problems (October 2013)
    • The abandoned illness – a report by the Schizophrenia Commission (November 2012)
    • Effective interventions in schizophrenia – the economic case (November 2012)
  • Policing and mental health, including
    • The Adebowale Report (March 2013)
  • Regulators, including
    • Putting People First – How the Care Quality Commission work with people who use health and care services (September 2013)
  • Social security / welfare benefits, including:
    • Beyond the Barriers (April 2014)
    • Spartacus Report.
  • Workplace and employment
    • Line managers’ resource (April 2014)





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