Psychiatry & psychology stuff

Here I’ll post links I come across relating to psychiatry and psychology. Let me know of any ones that could be added.


Royal College of Psychiatrists:


NHS stuff:

  • Mental health care clusters

The codes used in mental health clusters


Psychology assessment tools:

  • Psychology tools

Links to various assessments“Free to use website dedicated to providing psychology professionals, students, and the general public with transparent access to psychological assessment tools.”


Psychiatry diagnosis:

  • ICD-10

The International Classification of Diseases (10th edition) of the World Health Organisation, used throughout the world to classify diseases and other health problems, including mental health problems. This is the classification that’s predominantly used in the UK. It’s free and the current version is available here, including a section on mental health (F00-F99). Here’s the instruction manual (2010). A new version is due in 2015.

  • DSM-5

The Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (Fifth Edition) of the American Psychiatric Association, published in May 2013 and used by clinicians and researchers in the United States (and beyond) to diagnose and classify mental disorders and sometimes called the “psychiatric bible” (buy a copy for around US$200). Here’s the APA’s overview of the DSM.




Psychiatry misc:

  • Trick Cyclists website –  Scottish website aimed at psychiatry trainees studying for membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, includingl lots of free resources. An interesting insight into what trainee psychiatrists are learning!



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