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First post …

19 Feb

I’m thinking about writing some blog posts, having recently set up a Twitter account. I guess if I change my mind I can just delete this .Sectioned_2011..

I joined Twitter in January 2012. You’ll find me at @Sectioned_ (please remember the underscore). I sometimes tweet a lot, sometimes a little. I set up this blog account 6 weeks later because I thought that sometimes I’d want to say something that would take more than 140 characters.

As my Twitter bio says:

“In 2011, I was detained in one of the UK’s busiest acute psychiatric hospitals, a brutal & sometimes hilarious introduction to NHS mental health care. You’ve gotta laugh!”

Generally I tweet about quite serious stuff to do with mental illness & being sectioned. But I like to laugh too & find lots of things funny. I also like the absurd, including the occasional pomposity & ivory-toweriness of clinicians and academics on Twitter.

I’m not a psychiatric nay-sayer, despite my own traumatising experience on a locked ward (which I liken to being kidnapped by terrorists and repeatedly gang-raped, just so you know how awful the experience was for me). I’m really interested in finding out about and disseminating best practice, & write about that too, because I want mental healthcare to be a healing experience.

I try not to tweet about things like having just made a cheese sandwich, but that sort of thing sometimes creeps in too, especially if it’s particularly good cheese.

My Twitter profile photo is of the nicest bathroom on ward. It was my sanctuary, where I would bath twice a day. It helped pass the time & was relaxing. It was also the one place I wasn’t observed. Small pleasures become so important when your liberty, dignity and bodily integrity have been taken away.

I was discharged from hospital in summer 2011. I came out brutalised, traumatised & pretty helpless. I was subsequently diagnosed with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) from the ward experience. It wasn’t until 6 months later that I was able to start dealing with the issues that got me taken into hospital in the first place, let alone everyday life. I’m still some way off being a tax payer again.

I don’t know how much I will use this blog, because there are so many strong bloggers’ voices out there already. But at least it’s here for now, in case there are some things I want to share that won’t fit on Twitter.