About this blog

(September 2014)

I often find my attention span more suited to 140 characters than blogging: I seem to have a short attention span and find it hard to concentrate and focus. Perhaps the psychiatric drugs I’m currently taking contribute. Who knows. Whatever the reason, many of my ideas are worked out through tweeting and then saved in Storify stories with the aim of potentially turning them into blog posts later. Most of the time, that doesn’t happen. Many blog posts languish as drafts, because I can find editing process extremely difficult.

Here I explain how I manage to write blog posts, using the resources I have available to me. In summary:

  1. Tweet – If there’s a subject that grabs my attention, I write a series of tweets, just as they pop into my mind. There’s no planning or drafting: it’s just a stream of consciousness.
  2. Storify – If the tweet rant turns out to make some sort of sense to me, I save it in a Storify story for later, here:
    • Sectioned_ (176 stories before I somehow lost access to the account and had to start a new one)
    • SectionedUK (current Storify account – with over 500 stories)
  3. Copy and paste – The first stage of turning a tweet rant into a blog post is to copy the text of the tweets and paste it  into a Word document, so the words of the tweets are saved.
  4. Edit – I try not to get too bogged down in editing as I find that difficult, but some refining is usually needed
  5. Blog – Post it in a blog with a couple of cheerful pictures

I also occasionally save interesting twitter conversations of others on Storify (when I spot them).

Some of my blog posts consist of little more than a sentence and a link to a couple of Storify stories. Generally that’s when I’ve been feeling too unwell to translate them into a full blog post.

IOPPN smoking debate

Mind Media Awards shortlist 2015

Dear Stranger - Letters on the subject of happiness.Mind Media Awards 2014 shortlisted (2)

Bedlam (4) OCT 2013IMG-20130131-01019

Twental Health Awards winner 2013






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