Making things better


Here I’ll post resources aimed at making the experience of mental healthcare – especially the inpatient experience – better, for patients, their families & mental health staff.Code of Practice MHA illustration

  • THE CODE OF PRACTICE to the Mental Health Act 1983 (January 2015) – “With the power to intervene compulsorily comes the responsibility to do so only where it is right and to the highest standards possible.” “The Code provides guidance to doctors, approved clinicians, managers and staff of hospitals, and approved mental health professionals on how they should proceed when undertaking duties under the Act.” Here’s the previous Code of Practice (2008).
  • Do the right thing: How to judge a good ward – Ten standards for adult in-patient mental health care – Royal College of Psychiatrists (June 2011)
  • NICE GUIDELINES (December 2011) Service User Experience in Adult Mental Health – improving the experience of care for people using adult NHS mental health services (Clinical guidelines CG136) – “This clinical guidance offers evidence-based advice on ensuring a good experience of care for people who use adult NHS mental health services.” These are the standards to which to hold NHS care providers.
  • THE TWENTY COMMANDMENTS FOR MENTAL HEALTH WORKERS by Nurse with Glasses (Twitter: @Nurse_w_glasses), a Dutch community mental health nurse. Take a read, as she says, “because it’s not always as self-evident as we want it to be”.
  • STAR WARDS – Strapline: “Inspiring inpatient care”. Set up by Marion Janner (Twitter @starwards) – to promote excellence in inpatient mental health care. “75 practical, mainly low-cost & easy to implement ideas form Star Wards’ core, but our role is increasingly as a catalyst to change through inspiring, collecting and disseminating best practice in inpatient care.”
  • WARDIPEDIA (July 2012) – “A world of ward knowledge”, from Marion Janner (Twitter: @starwards). “Welcome to Wardipedia: a collection of ideas, examples, information and research about therapeutic mental health inpatient care.” (Twitter: @wardipedianews)



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