Women and mental health

4 Jul

Here are some thoughts of mine and of the lovely twitter people on the topic of women and mental health. No editing, hoovered up all the tweets during a particular timeframe. Enjoy!

On 9th June, I asked the question “How do mental health services need to change to better meet the specific needs of women? Suggestions please!”

Here’s the conversation that ensued over the next couple of days.

(1) https://storify.com/SectionedUK/1-women-and-mentalhealth

(2) https://storify.com/SectionedUK/2-women-and-mentalhealth

(3) https://storify.com/SectionedUK/3-women-and-mentalhealth-593c440f4de69fe737df9d06

(4) https://storify.com/SectionedUK/4-women-and-mentalhealth

(5) https://storify.com/SectionedUK/5-women-and-mentalhealth

(6) https://storify.com/SectionedUK/6-women-and-mentalhealth

(7) https://storify.com/SectionedUK/7

(8) https://storify.com/SectionedUK/3-women-and-mentalhealth

(9) https://storify.com/SectionedUK/9-women-and-mental-health




2 Responses to “Women and mental health”

  1. thecraftersapprentice 5 July 2017 at 6:53 pm #

    I’m not on twitter so can’t comment there. Re: psych meds and weight gain. I was told by every medical professional that i might put on or i might lose weight. It seems to be whatever your body is inclined towards, i always gain on all different meds, some women always lose on meds. And men too i suppose but haven’t had the convo with any men. It’s all over the patient leaflets and stuff.

  2. Anna 11 October 2017 at 1:11 pm #

    Thanks for Sharing.

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