If you’re a professional on twitter, be professional

27 Aug

Some thoughts on professional responsibilities and being bullied online by a mental health professional.




2 Responses to “If you’re a professional on twitter, be professional”

  1. Rach 17 December 2016 at 9:00 pm #

    I was bullied on twitter by for commenting on privatising NHS. Of course you can’t quite explain what you mean in 140 characters however, I think the dude said ‘ you can’t fix stupid’ & blocked me. The point I was actually making was having private health insurance through work, keeps you in work as you have access to care immediately. Therefore, freeing up the NHS to treat those in most need. I too have been sectioned. In The Bronx & there was no luxury of a bathtub, windows, toiletries etc. After 24 hours of being locked up in the ER psych ward with people constantly coming in & out by cops, drunk, high & screaming, I was relieved to get to the top of the building. Even if it was straight out of that movie. I ended up in that place after a breakdown. My company had folded & therefore, I no longer had health insurance. However, I received professional help & continued therapy upon release. I have been back in UK 6 years & still waiting for mental health services. My autistic son has been seen once (5 years ago) & other son with ADHD & depression a few more times by some guys they employ for CBT. So, with or without insurance, I have always received medical help when needed in US. Mental health issues are still so taboo here & until its accepted & funded, the afflicted will never be able to pay their taxes as they’ll never be fit to work. Vicious cycle as it makes & keeps you broke. So, my point was, should the NHS be free to everyone? Of cause not! Should wealthy people married to British citizens be able to come here & get surgery for free when able to pay in their own country? No!
    So Mr Non Tax Payer with PTSD from being in a psych ward, stop & think before you call anyone stupid. You don’t have a clue! You’re happy sitting home, coining in all the benefits you can get & believe the lies you created to obtain those benefits. You have the balls to call me stupid. PTSD from a psych ward? That’s called being a pussy & a mooch. You’re the bully on twitter & go under The title mental health. Man up as derelicts like you drain resources for kids that need help. And stop bullying people on twitter. It only proves lack of intelligence, character & integrity. This country has gone to hell because of all you lazy bastards working so hard at not working. Grow up and be a man!

  2. Miss Happy 19 December 2016 at 4:56 am #

    People advocating mental health issues should really recover first.

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