If you’re a professional on twitter, be professional

27 Aug

Some thoughts on professional responsibilities and being bullied online by a mental health professional.




One Response to “If you’re a professional on twitter, be professional”

  1. Jon Wright 17 December 2016 at 9:00 pm #

    I am sorry you were bullied on twitter. People who do that are stupid and should be blocked.

    I am still waiting for mental health services. My autistic son has been seen once (5 years ago) and other son with ADHD and depression a few more times by some guys they employ for CBT.

    Mental health issues are still so taboo here and until its accepted and funded, the afflicted will never be able to pay their taxes as they’ll never be fit to work. Vicious cycle as it makes and keeps you broke.

    People should stop and think before telling people with mental health problems that we are happy sitting home, coining in all the benefits we can get. PTSD from a psych ward is dreadful.

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