Well, make a complaint then

1 Jul

Some thoughts on choice in mental health care, admin difficulties, using poor service delivery to drive away patients and making complaints.





2 Responses to “Well, make a complaint then”

  1. Janice 2 July 2016 at 3:20 pm #

    I use secondary services for MH and cancer care. I was also under tertiary/national services as a child/young person with a severe chronic physical illness. Can honestly say that NHS has a serious problem with communication across all areas and nothing is joined up. As a child my parents were able to chase the specialist (very well known) hospital when their apt system would generate multiple appointments often at the same time on the same day but for different clinics in same building ! They just accepted that we were lucky to have the service so didn’t complain.
    Now I am an adult and have MH difficulties I find it very hard to negotiate my way round all the different appointments I need to attend to maintain some equilibrium and have my cancer treated. Cancer care for breast cancer in my area is very good as we have access to a specialist centre so there are nurses you can text and open good communication. What I particularly like – and that MH could learn from – is that the summaries of treatment are written directly to me and copied to my GP – not the other way around. Something MH services could learn from. What I don’t understand is the role MH liaison teams based in the general hospital have as they are placed there by the MH trust and see me for cancer support care but communicate in a completely different way to their MH trust colleagues ie e mail, text, letter. phone -whatever works for me.
    So NHS is crap at communication is some areas but really doesn’t need to be !

  2. PsycApps (@PsycApps) 10 November 2017 at 7:16 pm #

    Great job exposing the inadequacies of NHS and giving light to some problems that people in the mental health field experience everyday

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