Unexpected questions – I didn’t expect to be asked that!

11 Apr


Fearless baby - now that looks like a risky activity!

Fearless baby – now that looks like a risky activity!

Since coming into contact with mental health services, I’ve been asked all sorts of questions I never imagined I’d be asked. Questions by a social worker as part of a needs assessment for a care plan, a mental health advocate at Mind, a mental health day centre and my new support worker as part of preparing my support plan. These include:

  • How long after we don’t hear from you should we consider you to be missing? That’s one to ponder when you’re asked out of the blue. The support worker suggested two weeks or a month. I said one day: I’d like to think someone would start looking for me after a day, you know?
  • Do you have access to children? “Access” to children? How does that work? I was asked that as part of a needs assessment for a Care Plan.
  • Do you have a history of violence or aggression? Really? Do people get asked these questions when they’re assessed for a medical problem? No.
  • What is your level of trust and hope in services? I was asked this only today as part of my support plan now I’m getting my first ever support worker. Well, when you factor in PTSD then parking on meds and benefits, frankly pretty low.
  • What risky activities do you engage in? Ooh, eating food just past its ‘best before’ date? Going for a walk without a pac-a-mac? This prompted some hilarious responses from the lovely twitter people!

Read the full twitter conversation here.





One Response to “Unexpected questions – I didn’t expect to be asked that!”

  1. Squitchtweak 12 April 2014 at 12:38 am #

    I loved that Twitter conversation. I personally don’t mind the ‘history of agression’ one, because mental ilness can drive some people to that and I don’t blame them. I can get agressive, although not violent.

    Other than that, these are some phenomenally stupid questions! I’ve been asked some fairly stupid things. The first time I ever saw a cousnellor, she came out with “Is there anything you feel you can’t tell me?”
    Also, when I had to phone an ambulance, my housemate let in the paramedics while I sat on the sofa opposite the front door and tried to minimise the bleeding i had. They came in and asked “Who are we here for?”

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