Mental health jargon buster: AMHPs & the Association of Major Holiday Parks

11 Jan

When you first come across the mental health field, there are lots of unfamiliar phrases and acronyms bandied around and you’re left wondering what they mean. If you’ve been in the mental health field for a while, you may be bursting with jargon you want others to know, so they can understand the system better. So – ta dah! – here are my acronym and jargon busters:Image

  • Jargon buster – What on earth does “sectioning” mean anyway? In this section, there are commonly used terms in mental health settings. Please take a look & let me know your favourite jargon so I can add it to the jargon buster. This section really needs help to get it in shape!
  • Acronym buster – An acronym is word formed from the initial letters of other words, such as radar and laser, but also mental health examples like CMHT and AMHP. Does AMHP really stand for the Association of Major Holiday Parks? What’s the Climate Policy Network got to do with CPNs? I  have lots of acronyms already, but I’m sure there are more so please take a look & send me your suggestions.
  • Alternative jargon buster – Here I’ve started a page of silly or ironic definitions, which does need bolstering as it’s light on material at present. Any clever, amusing or ironic definitions are welcome!

Please help me make it more useful by sending your jargon and acronyms – preferable together with their associated definitions!




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