Mental health: psychiatrist bingo

11 Dec

Buzzword bingo

Here are some tweets I sent this afternoon after coming out of an appointment with my psychiatrist.

These appointments tend to be fairly hard going and, no matter how I try, I tend to come out of them feeling fairly flattened by his bulldozing and bullying.

I try various tricks to try to get myself through them. Now I generally try to just speak when spoken to and respond only to my psychiatrist’s questions rather than offering something of my own. But sometimes I do need to ask something. Such as what happened to the referral my psychiatrist made in June … But no good can come from that.

So this time it was “Psychiatrist Bingo“: mentally ticking off my psychiatrists pet phrases or behaviours each time one popped out. And often they came out more than once. Here’s a link to the Storify story.Bingo

Why do I put myself through these appointments? Because my GP, with whom I have a good relationship, really doesn’t feel confident in managing my condition without back up from an expert. Because being seen by a psychiatrist at the Community Mental Health Team is a gateway to other services (like the day centre I’ve just joined). Because I’ll need a letter from a psychiatrist as part of the pending Atos work capability assesment (WCA) process.

What would I like in a psychiatrist? Simple: someone who worked with me as a partner on a journey towards health. I’ve tried to build that relationship with my psychiatrist. Utterly fruitless. Hence Psychiatrist Bingo. Because, if you can’t have a healthcare partnership, at least you can have a laugh (or at least smile inwardly whilst looking deferential).




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