Mental health & Atos: my doctor says I need to rest my brain, but Atos says I must jump through mental hoops

12 Nov

I’ve been feeling strange for a few days, building up from when the Atos letter dropped onto my doormat. It seems I’m struggling to face the Atos process.

My brain feels overloaded by the thought of it, and that prevents any action. I’m focussing on trying to bring myself back to calmness. Hopefully at some point soon I will be able to get a little further than picking up the letter, turning the form over in my hands, feeling overwhelmed by the seeming enormity of the task at hand & all the various permutations & the implcations of getting it wrong … then having to put it back down and leave the room & distract myself with something restful. I’m just not up to it now, and I know I shouldn’t be putting myself through this.

My recovery so far is based on listening to myself and knowing when I can do more and when I should be resting. I tried to take on too much earlier in the year and it backfired.

I don’t want that to happen again. So I’m trying to take baby steps. I should be resting my brain now. But I know the Atos timetable is ticking down. The deadline is looming …

[Here’s a link to a Storify story on this topic]

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